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I've recently started out in "ON LOCATION" photography which includes HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS,WEDDINGS,ENGAGEMENTS,FAMILY PORTRAITS,EVENTS, and JUST ABOUT ANY OCCASSION, and I hope to create a lot of memories for a lot of people. I also make 3 1/2 inch "Photo Buttons" with photo and/or text of your choice. I also do wedding video. If you refer me to someone that hires me to do their wedding video or wedding photography, I will pay you $50.00 Most other photography such as engagements or high school senior pics,family reunions or parties or whatever, I will pay you $20 .....Just let me know ...Thank you

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Postcard Perfect ?


Blogger Beth said...

This sounds freaky, but I swear that I used to live in a house that had that exact barn in the backyard. Maybe the feild wasn't quite so big, nonetheless, it was in New Hampshire so I'd be curious as to where the picture was taken

8:15 PM  

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